This site is created for the purpose of informing of trading community on one of methods of forecasting of behavior of the financial instruments applied by professionals in exchange trade. Speech about neuronetwork forecasting. The neuronetwork methodology finds all new successful applications in practice of management and decision-making, including in the financial sphere. The theory of nonlinear adaptive systems lying in its basis proved the utility at development of forecasts in a number of branches of economy and finance.
   Neural networks are the generalized name of several groups of the algorithms possessing one valuable property - they are able to be trained on examples, taking the hidden regularities from a data flow. Thus data can be incomplete, inconsistent and even are obviously distorted. If between the entrance and output data there is any communication which let even not is not found by traditional correlation methods, the neural network is capable to distinguish it and to be adjusted on it with the set degree of accuracy. Besides, modern neural networks possess a number of additional possibilities - they allow to estimate comparative importance of different types of entrance information, to reduce its volume without loss of essential data, to distinguish symptoms of approach of critical situations etc.
   Scope of neural networks is almost boundless. Any task connected with a manipulation by financial instruments - whether it be currency or securities - is interfaced to risk and demands careful calculation and forecasting. How quotations of the main currencies will change tomorrow? Whether entrance time came to the transaction, whether reached the quotation of critical levels? Whether it is necessary to hold a position or it is necessary to leave the market? The neurotechnology is capable to answer to all these questions, adequate to degree of complexity of a task. Here it should be notedit should be noted that from the general knowledge of method possibilities to its real appendix the long way lies. Forecasts not much stand, if you have no trading system based on them therefore we suggest you to familiarize with practical application of neurotechnologies in the sphere of exchange speculation right now for what we represent on this resource the trading system. What to make money blogging online, Look no further for the best how to make money while blogging Take your knowledge or understanding of a niche and run with it, Make the money you deserve! Blog About It! If you are traveling in Athens, then check out glentzes for imformation about greek entertainment!
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